A Reluctant Return to a Childhood Vacation Memory

I enjoy spending time with my family during Christmas vacation while also taking care of my religious duties and obligations which are also an important priority for me.  This year I spent time with two of my nieces at the Oregon Coast and we had a great time together.  One of our adventures included a trip to the Sea Lion Caves.

SIDEBAR: I read a book about making films with iPhones during this time as well and decided to try it at the beach.  Synopsis of the book:

  • 1.  Take only the pictures you want to use.
  • 2.  Minimize editing
  • 3.  Plan out the shots you want to take the night before
  • 4.  Make it short, sweet and to the point
  • 5.  Do NOT use a tripod (I thought this was odd)
  • 6.  Take 10 seconds of film per clip
  • 7.  Use only the film you need to tell the story well.

OK…I did all of this, brought it home, downloaded it into my computer and decided to share it with you for my New Year’s Day post.

Hope you like it – Happy New Year!

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