Camp Howard Staff to visit Seattle CYO Program

Monday October 15th the CYO Staff will be leaving from the CYO office at 6:00 am for a trip to Seattle to visit the CYO camps and athletic department.  Our goal is to see how the Seattle programs operate, share information on how we do things and maybe get some new ideas in the process.

Last spring the Seattle CYO visited the Portland CYO and Camp Howard where the two staffs were introduced for the first time.  It was a lot of fun to get to know our Northern counterparts.

Who knows what might come from these visits.  I look forward to the possibilities!

In the next few days we will report on our adventure.

One thought on “Camp Howard Staff to visit Seattle CYO Program

  1. I loved,loved,loved cyo camp don Bosco as a kid!! Loved the care packages, activities, songs, and the counselors. I saw a former counselor last year@Blanchet High were she taught. I was 12 all over again!!


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