Karen sends Spectacular Fish Story – Camp Howard & Cindy Garcia from Holy Family

To: Sr. Krista –  That photo is Cindy Garcia with Holy Family Parish Rental at Camp Howard who caught that 22 and 3/4 inch trout this morning.  I told her she might make it into the Sentinel.  I sent it to Jolie.  I told her to look on your blog and maybe it would make it there.  Here is the story, you fill in the blanks: – Thank you – Karen von Borstel

I was a sunny morning at Camp Howard today as some of the Holy Family Parish campers were fishing at the pond.  It was a very relaxing atmosphere with people sitting on chairs and benches catching some really nice 10 inch trout.  Cindy Garcia was sitting in her blue lawn chair right next to the little shed, wearing her frilly purple blouse and peddle-pushers (Cindy is a very stylish fisherwoman), fishing with her little trout pole, 6 lb. test line,  baited with a big fresh night crawler.  She had a little red and white bobber, the type usually used for little sunfish or perch, hooked on her line.   All of a sudden her pole bent half way over and that bobber disappeared.  She stood up and the fish came out of the water and we all knew she had a whopper on.  Everyone started heading toward her to help her land that fish.   That fish kept breaking through the water and it looked like a salmon.  We were all holding our breath. I knew there wasn’t any way she was going to get that thing to shore.  She had way too light of line, we didn’t have a net.  Her drag was set too tight.  I knew the line would snap and that would be that.  It would be the story about the one that got away!  Cindy brought that fish right up and onto the bank.  A huge cheer went up.  The biggest fish to my knowledge ever caught at Camp Howard.  22 and 3/4 inches long.  We got the groups photographer, the tape measure, and Cindy became a celebrity at Camp Howard.  It was so exciting.  Her husband, Alfonso, had to work this weekend.  He is going to be so jealous.  The cooks are preparing a seasoned stuffing to go into that trout and it will be cooked and served for supper, with the other fish they have caught today.  We are at 40 right now and we have one more session of fishing this afternoon.  Everyone should get a trout to eat tonight and Cindy’s will feed several.  Great day for fishing at Camp and it is all verified on film.

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4 thoughts on “Karen sends Spectacular Fish Story – Camp Howard & Cindy Garcia from Holy Family

  1. Oh my gosh – what a GREAT story! As I was reading this I felt like I was there watching this fish being pulled from the water! Way to go Cindy!


  2. Great Krista: I will share the website with them at dinner tonight and give Cindy her “Biggest Fish Ever” award. Karen


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