Camp is in Session!

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I have to admit it has been hectic these past few weeks transitioning from Track and Field Championships to our CYO Appreciation Dinner then to the operation of our wonderful summer camping program at Camp Howard.  So much fun and activity but a lot of work behind the scenes to make it happen for the kids!

It takes an exceptional team of people to make it all happen and that is what we have at CYO/Camp Howard.  An EXCEPTIONAL TEAM!

Today I went to the bus which is one of my favorite experiences.  I have written stories about the kids at the bus and how hard it is for some of them to leave their parents for the first time and how equally hard it is for the parents to let them go.  Tender, touching moments between parent and child.  A huge act of trust from parent to Camp Howard and we take it seriously.

Around 175 campers climbed aboard the Camp Howard bound busses and headed to camp today.  I drive the luggage bus to camp, help with delivery of luggage and in the meantime have a first class view of what is taking place around me as the campers break up into cabins, cabin groups and get a counselor.  It is never the same and always exciting for the kids.

Our new Camp Director, Bill Fogarty, from the St. Juan Diego parish is on his second full week of camp and doing a great job.  He brings a lot of experience to the role along with wisdom, understanding, patience, and a great attitude.  He has hired a first class staff representing several of the parishes in the greater Portland area.

Camp Howard continues to be one of those Catholic traditions that youth experience today and will look back on as a great memory. That’s our goal!  Plenty of time to sign up for sessions 4,5,6,7!

See you at camp!

2 thoughts on “Camp is in Session!

  1. This is my second year with a grandchild at Camp Howard; this year I have two going. As a people watcher I agree that it is wonderful to see parents and kids at the buses, both coming and going. How blessed we are!


  2. My son spent last week at Day camp and had the TIME OF HIS LIFE!!! Thank you for making Camp Howard the hi-light of our children’s summers!


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