St. Mary’s Academy Scores Huge Hit with Title IX (Forty Year Commemoration) Dinner

I am so glad I attended the St. Mary’s Academy Title IX Dinner at the Tiger Woods (Nike Campus).  My friends know I often refer to myself as a “Title IX Girl!”  Local soccer star and Olympic Gold and Silver medalist, Tiffeny Milbrett was the guest speaker and Diane Hooley warmed up the crowd with a little Title IX history which was interesting.  Milbrett stole the show showing her real self, a warm hearted wholesome sport loving young woman raised in Hillsboro, OR. She played for the University of Portland and made the 1996 Team USA Soccer team (first time soccer was an olympic sport for women) where she played for 15 years winning a gold and silver medal and several World Cup honors.

Title IX is very important to women and today’s youth has no idea about the impact.  The law has been challenged over 20 times and is vital to gender equity for women.   I started high school in 1972, the year that title IX passed.  I spent my four years helping put high school teams together for girls.  We made our own basketball uniforms while the boys had brand new ones every year.

I hope you encourage your daughters AND sons to read and become familiar with Title IX.  It is about a LOT MORE than sports!

10 Key Areas of Title IX:

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