Camp Howard Pool Heating Update

Might seem like I am beating a dead horse by reporting so often on the heating of the pool!  Actually, I consider it a historic occasion because after all…it has been the number one complaint from the kids for several years.  I want to make sure word gets out that we are finally in a position to be able to do something about it!  The Champions of Faith benefit dinner enabled us to make the capital improvement.

The 1000 gallon propane tank is in place, the heater is in place, trench dug to connect gas to the heater, water has been connected to the heater.  Trench has been covered since this photo and dirt brought in to fill around the concrete pad.  Area around the pool will be planted to fresh grass and landscaping will be improved.

Now we need the pool company to come out and do some testing and we will be ready to heat the pool.  Lots to learn in the process.

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