Bill Fogarty Hits the Airwaves at KBVM to Promote Camp Howard Summer Programming

Bill Fogarty on air at KBVM

Bill Fogarty on air at KBVM

Bill Fogarty, Summer Camp Director at Camp Howard, shares the good news about Camp Howard and the exciting summer programs available this summer

Bill Fogarty, Summer Camp Director at Camp Howard, shares the good news about Camp Howard and the exciting summer programs available this summer

Bill Fogarty, Summer Camp Director at Camp Howard took advantage of the opportunity to be Dina Marie’s guest on her morning show at KBVM this month during the Share a thon benefitting KBVM radio operations.

Other CYO Staff including Jenifer Kluthe, Jenna Bass and Jeff Sevilla also participated answering the phones and recording donations from generous listeners.

CYO/Camp Howard and KBVM have a long relationship of goodwill which benefits both organizations.  KBVM has been an excellent partner with CYO spreading the good news of activities and happenings through out the year.  CYO is a regular sponsor of the station.

Camp Howard is taking reservations for summer campers.  We are excited about what is happening at camp this summer and it appears that a lot of kids are looking forward to a great experience.  Campers can continue to sign up through out the summer on line at

Installation of Archbishop Alexander King Sample

Archbishop Alexander Sample AB Sample Bows on Entrance Through him and with him and in him This is the chalice of my Blood This is the chalice of my Blood close up Proclamation of Gospel AKS install 2Apr13 Fr Michael Entrance Procession Priests 2 AKS install 2Apr13 Entrance Procession Priests 1 AKS install 2Apr13 Entrance Procession I EOHS AKS install 2Apr13 Entrance Procession Bishops 2 AKS install 2Apr13 Entrance Procession Bishops 1 AKS install 2Apr13 Cathedra Awaits AB Vlazny Recognition 15 Years Service AKS install 2Apr13

I had the privilege of serving on the Installation Committee for our new Archbishop this year.  The event took a lot of pre-planing behind the scenes and it was a great experience to be a part of.  I worked with some wonderful people and came away with a real appreciation for people who give service to the Church.  It was an awesome experience.

My assignment was to work on the seating for the event.  There were several committees as you can imagine ranging from moving all of the furniture from the sanctuary of the Cathedral to the Chiles Center to providing security in parking lots at the various areas where people parked for the events, luncheons, banquets, providing transportation, volunteer coordination, transportation, hospitality, and many other details. It was a magnificent effort!

The event itself was truly exceptional.  We had over 3000 people in attendance from all over Oregon.  The Knights of Columbus in all their regalia, Knights and Ladies of the Holy Sepulcher, Cultural representation from various parts of Oregon, Official Greeters, and many other groups and individuals.  It was spectacular!

This was the first Installation Mass for an Archbishop that I have ever been a part of or attended.  I have to say it is an event every Catholic should make an effort to experience if at all possible.  It made me proud of the Church, proud of the people I work with and appreciative of all of God’s people!  It was a faith experience for me.

Blanchet Catholic School in Salem, OR Lends Day of Service to Camp Howard

Blanchet Catholic School 7th and 8th graders made a huge impact at Camp Howard today (April 18. 2013) as they spent a few hours helping clean an area of the forest floor.  Picking up branches, limbs and fallen debris from wind and snow damage is a huge job that these small armies of youth make quick work out of.

Camp Howard is very grateful to Blanchet School for making the trip today and putting forth an exceptional effort!  Special thanks to students and staff!

Making great efforts at Camp Howard!

Making great efforts at Camp Howard!

Camp Facility Manager, Karen von Borstel, compliments Blanchet School youth to Blanchet instructor, Sheri Bashaw

Camp Facility Manager, Karen von Borstel, compliments Blanchet School youth to Blanchet instructor, Sheri Bashaw

This young lady is a great worker and future star employee at a business! :)

This young lady is a great worker and future star employee at a business! 🙂

Cinderella’s Glass Slipper Tea Huge Success!

Marian Hall at St. Joseph’s Parish in Vancouver was the site of the highly publicized Glass Slipper Tea, an event crafted to draw attention to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Prep’s first ever musical drama production which will take place February 22 & 23 at 7:00 pm and Sunday the 24th at 2:00 in the afternoon.  The Royal Durst Theater on Main Street in downtown Vancouver is the site of the presentation.  Tickets are available through the school and will be available at the door.

Several grade school girls, dressed in their favorite Cinderella costume, attended the tea with mothers, aunts and grandmothers.  Photo opportunities were available for the youth to pose with the “REAL” Cinderella and Prince Charming.  A delightful afternoon of tea, desserts, photos, dancing, silent auction,

The volunteer laden effort has been spearheaded by a few volunteers intent on thanking the first frosh through senior class at the school for making Seton Catholic their choice and foregoing a few of the programs available at more established schools.  The offerings at Seton have grown considerably in the past four years since it was established in 2009, but a musical drama is proving to be a popular event for the school.

The title role of Cinderella is being played by Senior, Madeline Hunter who hopes to embark on a career in drama.  The role of Prince Charming, is being played by Senior, John Tomassi.

Senior, Cheyenne Cunning has designed all of the sets which have been assembled and ready for paint.  Cunning hopes to make use of her exceptional artistic talent in the future with plans of studying a related field in college next year.  Cunning will also play the role of the Wicket Step-Mother!

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An Unexpected Religious Experience Touched me to the Core

I spent the past three days on the campus of the Mercy Sisters in Burlingame, California where Religious leaders and Vocation Directors from 55 religious communities around the country gathered to talk about religious life.

I was not expecting the “touched to the core” experience I came away with after spending a few days working together listening, sharing, experiencing, visiting, praying, joining in the Eucharist, morning and evening prayer, and looking to the future of religious life.

The event was planned and executed by the National Religious Vocation Conference under the Direction of Executive Director Brother Paul Bednarczyk C.S.C.

I know that the entire group was moved by the experience and recognized that we have some work ahead of us to prepare the way for the future of religious life.

Why was I touched to the core?  I have tried to sift that out these past several hours having returned home and these are the reasons I found it to be life-giving:

  • Religious women from very diverse walks of life entered into the experience in a positive, life-giving manner giving a wonderful witness to what it is we are called to be
  • Together we listened as Sr. Mary Johnson spoke to us about her work in the Church as it relates to Religious Life and pointed out trends and possibilities.
  • As a group, we prayed, shared, offered ideas, worked with one another for the good of all and genuinely affirmed one another.
  • Through the experience, I found hope that religious communities could  lead the way in healing a polarized nation beginning with ourselves.

While it would be impossible for me to infuse you with the deep feelings, experiences, joy and hope I experienced during these days, I am happy to share that it was an exciting experience for us and one that I believe will be life changing for all of the communities involved.  A second, similar event will be held on the East Coast for those unable to attend this one.

I am including a short 3 minute clip from the “sending out” ceremony from the Chapel of the Sisters of Mercy (which I filmed with my iPhone) as we ended the three-day experience.