Kyeese Hollands Breaks 28-Year-Old Record in CYO Cub Girls Shot put Scoring for St. Andrew Nativity School

Kyeese Hollands thrilled the crowd May 21 at the CYO Meet of Champions when she broke the longest standing record (the shot put) on the CYO books and was nationally ranked in her age group.  The CYO Shot Put record was 28 years old!   #sistersblog #cyocamphoward

Kyeese Hollands

  1. Kyeese Hollands, St. Andrew Nativity School, 38’11.50”
  2. Olivia Maulding, Christ the King, 26’5.50”
  3. Maggie Crimmins, St. Clare, 26’4.75”
  4. Danika DeLaczay, Franciscan Montessori Earth School, 25’11.50”
  5. Madeleine Dutt, West Hills Christian, 25’1”
  6. Alondra Salinas-Villafue, St. Andrew Nativity School, 24’11”
  7. Caitlin Thomas, St. Pius X, 24’2.25”
  8. Paige Hampton, West Hills Christian, 23’8.50”


Michael Brittingham Wins Cadet Boys High Jump for St. Thomas More

Michael Brittingham put the icing on the cake with his personal best jump of 5-09 in the cadet boys high jump.  Brittingham won the event at the CYO Meet of Champions held May 20 & 21 at Jesuit High School.

Brittingham also won the 200 meter dash earlier in the day. #sistersblog #cyocamphoward


  1. Michael Brittingham, St. Thomas More, 5-09
  2. Zachary Williams, Franciscan Montessori Earth School, 5-02
  3. Robert Sabido, St. Clare, 5-02
  4. Aiden Andrews, Christ the King, 5-01
  5. Ryan Ensminger, Our Lady of the Lake, 5-01
  6. Miles Wells, St. John Fisher, 5-00
  7. Billy Harris, St. Francis (Roy)/Visitation (Verboort), 4-11
  8. Theron Abel, St. Pius X, 4-10



Lily Reynolds Jumps 5’ to Grasp Gold for St. John Fisher

Lily Reynolds missed her own personal best of 5’1” at the CYO Meet of Champions but bested all competitors by 2” with her impressive 5’ mark for Cadet Girls.  CYO congratulates all of the Cadet Girls for their great performances in the high jump. #sistersblog #cyocamphoward


  1. Lily Reynolds, St. John Fisher, 5-0
  2. Abigail Sheets, St. Ignatius, 4-10
  3. Julia Sieber, Our Lady of the Lake, 4-09
  4. Allyson Hammond, St. Francis (Roy)/Visitation (Verboort), 4-08
  5. Elliott Bush, Cathedral, 4-07
  6. Olivia McVicker, Our Lady of the Lake, 4-07
  7. Josie Balish, St. John Fisher, 4-07
  8. Grace Hopkins, Our Lady of Lourdes, 4-06


Kaden Huppin Breaks 5’ at CYO Meet of Champions

Kaden Huppin won the Cub Boys High Jump at the CYO Meet of Champions at 5’1”.  Huppin was 7” higher than his closest competitor and he broke his own personal best of the season by 1”.  The Championship Track and Field meet was held May 20 & 21 at Jesuit High School showcasing the best of the CYO program. #sistersblog #cyocamphoward


  1. Kaden Huppin, St. Pius X, 5-01
  2. Jacoby Thompson, St. Pius X, 4-06
  3. Matthew Irwin, Our Lady of the Lake, 4-05
  4. Nicholas Ferrero, St. Anthony, 4-05
  5. Payton Roth, St. Anthony, 4-04
  6. Wylie Sassano, St. Matthew, 4-04
  7. Nathaniel Gatchell, St. Pius X, 4-04
  8. Thomas Wilber, St. John the Apostle, 4-03


Kaitlyn Jensen High Jump Leap Snags Gold for St. Pius X

Kaitlyn Jensen won the Cub Girls High Jump at the CYO Meet of Champions held May 20 & 21 at Jesuit High School.  Her jump of 4-9 was 1” higher than her closest competitor, Natalie Speich of St. Anthony.  CYO congratulates all of the Cub Girl competitors in the contest. #sistersblog #cyocamphoward


  1. Kaitlyn Jensen, St. Pius X, 4-09
  2. Natalie Speich, St. Anthony, 4-08
  3. Emily Gingell, St. Pius X, 4-07
  4. Mia Williams, St. Matthew, 4-05
  5. Ryleigh Hellberg, St. John the Apostle, 4-05
  6. Madeleine Dutt, West Hills Christian, 4-03
  7. Maria Nehnevaj, Our Lady of Lourdes, 4-03
  8. Ruby Batcheller, St. John the Apostle, 3-10


Valley Catholic’s Connor Bly Wins Gold in Cadet Turbo Javelin

Connor Bly and Luke Wilson battled it out improving pre-championship distances by over 10’ to duel it out for the Cadet Boys Turbo Javelin throw.  Bly and Wilson, seeded first and second respectively, were 20’ apart in the end with personal bests that were impressive alone.  Congratulations to all of the Cadet boys for the great job they did in the turbo javelin competition.  #sistersblog #cyocamphoward


  1. Connor Bly, Valley Catholic, 160-04
  2. Luke Wilson, West Hills Christian, 140-02
  3. Ulysses Cannefax, St. Andrew Nativity, 135-07
  4. Noah Luty, St. John the Apostle, 135-06
  5. Mitchell Ervin, West Hills Christian, 133-00
  6. Andrew Chung, West Hills Christian, 132-02
  7. Jakob Braunstein, Our Lady of Lourdes, 131-03
  8. Cooper Howard, Valley Catholic, 125-03


Cameron Wilder Scores Gold for Valley Catholic in Cadet Girls Turbo Javelin

Almost breaking the 100’ mark, shy just 7 inches, Cameron Wilder scored 10 points for her team with her winning throw of 99’5”.  Approximately 15 ‘, separated the field of champions which was a very close grouping.  Congratulations to all of the Cadet Girls in the CYO Meet of Champions Finals.  The event was held May 20&21 at Jesuit High School.  #sistersblog #cyocamphoward


1 Cameron Wilder 13 VC 99-05.00 2017

2 Brenda Pulido 13 SANS 97-08.00 2017

3 Elliott Bush 13 Cathedral 95-06.00 2017

4 Isabella Monroe 12 SANT 93-10.00 2017

5 Josie Napoli 13 SJF 93-08.00 2017

6 Emma Weber 14 WHC 92-06.00 2017

7 Emily Ashton 13 SJV 91-10.00 2017

8 Elizabeth Niehaus 12 LRDS 84-05.00 2017


Ben Lammers From West Hills Christian Narrowly Secured Gold for West Hills Christian

Ben Lammers from West Hills Christian and Parker Steen from St. Thomas More each had a longest toss of 115-03 in the Cub Boys Javelin at the CYO Meet of Champions.  Ties are broken by second longest toss  in championship competition and the victory went to Lammers.  Parker actually had the longest pre-championship throw of 114’06” and Lammers seeded second with a 111-01” toss. Timing is everything!   Congratulations to both boys and all of the cubs on an exceptional championship!  #sistersblog #cyocamphoward


  1. Ben Lammers, West Hills Christian, 115-03
  2. Parker Steen, St. Thomas More, 115-03
  3. Nathaniel Gatchell, St. Pius X, 110-04
  4. Trace Cancelosi, St. Anthony, 109-06
  5. Thomas Wilber, St. John the Apostle, 105-04
  6. Derek Peebles, St. Matthew, 103-08
  7. Sean Khouri, St. Anthony, 97-11
  8. Evan Christie, St. John Fisher, 96-11


Kyeese Hollands Sets Record and Wins Gold for St. Andrew Nativity in Turbo Javelin

Kyeese Hollands set a new CYO Record in the Cub Girls Turbo Javelin with a toss of 101’10”.  Her season best performance of 103’5” will not go into the record books as pre-championship marks to not qualify for records.  It will, however be remembered here!  Harumi Yato, second place, also had a stunning improvement from 65’ in pre-championship to 83’ at the Meet of Champions.  CYO congratulates all of the performers in the Cub Girls turbo javelin at the 2017 CYO Meet of Champions. #sistersblog #cyocamphoward


  1. Kyeese Hollands, St. Andrew Nativity, 101-10
  2. Harumi Yato, St. John Fisher, 83-09
  3. Stephanie Peterson, St. Pius X, 78-11
  4. Karen Walker, Madeleine, 78-04
  5. Audrey Hudspeth, Holy Family, 74-04
  6. Kate Peters, St. Anthony, 73-03
  7. Maggie Crimmins, St. Clare, 72-08
  8. Audrey Meet, West Hills Christian, 71-00


Andrew Klopcic Astonishing Accomplishment Achieves Gold for St. Francis/Visitation In Turbo Javelin.

Imagine being seeded next to last in a field of 10 and having a supercharged peak performance when it counted!  That’s what Andrew Klopcic did, moving from 8th seed to Champion with an 89’8” throw when his best of season had been 69’2”.  Good job, Andrew and all of the roadrunner boys in the CYO Meet of Champions held May 20 & 21 at Jesuit High School. #sistersblog #cyocamphoward


  1. Andrew Klopcic, St. Francis (Roy)/ Visitation (Verboort) 89-08
  2. Tyler Brown, Our Lady of Lourdes, 87-00
  3. William Sabido, St. Clare, 85-03
  4. Rowan Jones, St. Ignatius, 83-04
  5. Gabriel Wong, West Hills Christian, 83-00
  6. Logan Swanson, St. Pius X, 82-06
  7. Jacob Hunsinger, St. Ignatius, 82-05
  8. Riley Reeves, St. Matthew, 67-10
  9. Phillipe Reece, St. Anthony, 56-08
  10. Brenden Novak, St. Francis (Roy)/ Visitation (Verboort), 52-05