Zip Line at Camp Howard…the Best!


I was talking to the 13 & 14 year olds at camp who were participating in the zip line. They were pretty excited about their experience and I heard one of them talking to a friend, “I have done a lot of zip lines but this one was the best!”  I pardoned my eavesdropping and asked why she thought it was the best.  She said the view was fantastic and you could see where you were going and it was “spectacular!”  I thought that was pretty awesome.  She is right…the view is amazing. #cyocamphoward #sistersblogs



Whoa…New Zip Line Features at Camp Howard

Parents…before you read this, please know our staff are all certified every year to operate the zip line and giant swing at Camp Howard.  Our program has been built by SYNERGO, a company specializing in zip lines and located here in Oregon.  We think they are the best in the business and that is why we do business with them. OK…read on!

Oh boy…Phase two of the Camp Howard Zip Line was installed in March and it is going to be a crowd pleaser!  The second leg of the line zips from the end of last years ending pointto the platform in the background.  The camper clips to the cable above the bridge for safety and walks along the bridge which is suspended in air with cables.  From the platform in the foreground, the camper zips to….


This platform which is about a 100′ zip. This will be the new ending of the zip line and the camper will belay to the ground where they will receive a “Courageous Heart” certificate from yours truly! 🙂IMG_4973

Campers will enjoy a spectacular view of the Bull Run and Mt. Hood along the way!