Part 6: The Mural up Close

Wayne Chin put the finishing touches on Mary’s Lodge with his spectacular mural painted for the youth of Camp Howard in July of 2018.  Check out his masterful individual animals that come to life before your eyes!

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The Cougar is the symbol of Camp Howard, built in 1953 on Cougar Mountain.  The Cougar Award springs from the location of the camp.

Back to the Mural by Wayne Chin

Wowzers! It is clear the mural in Mary’s Lodge at Camp Howard will finish the building in grand style!  The dedication on August 11th will show off the new state of the art food preparation and dining facility, a dream come true for staff at Camp Howard!

Wayne Chin is a well known local artist and art instructor.  It is a joy to watch him at work!

ps – He moved the raccoons!


The Mural by Wayne Chin

As Mary’s Lodge, the new dining hall at Camp Howard continues to wrap up construction, the final phases of preparation are in the works including the painting of a mural by Wayne Chin.  He came early in the afternoon last week and said he would like to get it blocked out.  He prepped his lines on the wall and laid out the under painting.  It was amazing to watch!

I need to remember to tell him a refrigerator will go where his ladders are and can he move the raccoons? 🙂