Valley Catholic’s Connor Bly Wins Gold in Cadet Turbo Javelin

Connor Bly and Luke Wilson battled it out improving pre-championship distances by over 10’ to duel it out for the Cadet Boys Turbo Javelin throw.  Bly and Wilson, seeded first and second respectively, were 20’ apart in the end with personal bests that were impressive alone.  Congratulations to all of the Cadet boys for the great job they did in the turbo javelin competition.  #sistersblog #cyocamphoward


  1. Connor Bly, Valley Catholic, 160-04
  2. Luke Wilson, West Hills Christian, 140-02
  3. Ulysses Cannefax, St. Andrew Nativity, 135-07
  4. Noah Luty, St. John the Apostle, 135-06
  5. Mitchell Ervin, West Hills Christian, 133-00
  6. Andrew Chung, West Hills Christian, 132-02
  7. Jakob Braunstein, Our Lady of Lourdes, 131-03
  8. Cooper Howard, Valley Catholic, 125-03


Cameron Wilder Scores Gold for Valley Catholic in Cadet Girls Turbo Javelin

Almost breaking the 100’ mark, shy just 7 inches, Cameron Wilder scored 10 points for her team with her winning throw of 99’5”.  Approximately 15 ‘, separated the field of champions which was a very close grouping.  Congratulations to all of the Cadet Girls in the CYO Meet of Champions Finals.  The event was held May 20&21 at Jesuit High School.  #sistersblog #cyocamphoward


1 Cameron Wilder 13 VC 99-05.00 2017

2 Brenda Pulido 13 SANS 97-08.00 2017

3 Elliott Bush 13 Cathedral 95-06.00 2017

4 Isabella Monroe 12 SANT 93-10.00 2017

5 Josie Napoli 13 SJF 93-08.00 2017

6 Emma Weber 14 WHC 92-06.00 2017

7 Emily Ashton 13 SJV 91-10.00 2017

8 Elizabeth Niehaus 12 LRDS 84-05.00 2017


CYO 7th Grade Boys BXB Championship Valley Catholic?…St. Pius X…?

March 12, 2017

7th Grade Boys CYO Championship Basketball

Valley Catholic

Coach: Adam Miller

Players: Benjamin, Zachary, Ethan, Jordan, Ryoma, Jordan, Jonathan, Luke, Kavish, Reynard

St. Pius X

Coach: Jonas Cisneros, Lawrence Hart, Loren Hotchkiss

Players: Russell, Tyler, Josh, Parker, Ryan, Jonathan, Matthew, Drew, Carter, Luke, Jacob, Dylan


Quarter 1:  Back and forth, lots of running 7-4 Valley Catholic

Quarter 2:  Quick pace up and down the floor by two very agile teams of boys.  Bucket success favored Valley Catholic ending the quarter 21 – 8.

Quarter 3: St. Pius X made traction toward catching up and making it an exciting fourth quarter set up with their 3-poing last second shot finishing the quarter with a 26-22 Valley Catholic lead.

Quarter 4:  An exciting battle between both teams with fast action, quick passes but loaded also with turnovers and lost balls.  Ethan’s 3-point shots were critical.  With two minutes left in the game, St. Pius X began the foul strategy to provide opportunities.  With 1:42 Valley held the lead at 38 – 33.  Valley Catholic’s Ben had two free throws with 1:25 left in the game which, if missed would have opened a door for the charging St. Pius team to enter.  Ben closed the door with two buckets and St. Pius X could not get the traction going to open it up again.

FINAL: 43 – 33 Valley CatholicIMG_4836


CYO 3 Girls City Double Overtime!

St. Pius X scored the first basket in the first minute of the game. St. Clare added a point off a free throw with two minutes left in the first quarter. Score at the end of the first quarter was 2 – 1 St. Pius X.  Barnburner in the making.

St. Pius X added another 2 points at the opening of the second quarter as both teams appeared warmed up and over the jitters. Another two points for St. Pius X made it a 6-1 game. With 37 seconds left in the first half, St. Clare scored a basket and controlled the ball until the buzzer ending with a score of 6-3 St. Pius X.

Second half action saw St. Clare score quickly adding two points to their deficit.  A foul with 1:12 in the quarter added one point to St. Clare, evening the score at 6-6.

St. Pius X started out the fourth quarter with a basket advancing 8-6 with St. Clare attempting a 1 and 1 and unable to convert.  The game was getting very exciting and the crowd was roaring after every shot.

With one minute to go, St. Clare tied the game at 8-8.  With 23 seconds left and a tied game, St. Pius X had a chance to score on a free throw but could not convert.  St. Clare had the same opportunity with 6 seconds left and missed, throwing the game into overtime tied 8-8.

Overtime 1:  (2 minutes)  With 42 seconds left in the first quarter, St. Clare scored one point on a one and one, leaving St. Pius X 35 seconds to battle back.  Pius was fouled with 31 seconds left in the game and they scored, squaring the game again at 9-9.  St. Clare with  19 seconds on the clock had another opportunity to score from a foul.  No luck.

Overtime 2: (1 minute) With 32 seconds left in overtime, St. Clare scored two points at their basket.  St. Pius could not convert on their foul throws following and had two opportunities to score with steals under their own basket.  A great game by both teams!

St. Clare 11-9 Final.


St. Clare: Sara, Sophia, Molly, Hadley, Sloan, Emery, Maeve, Addison.  Coaches: Derek Costarella, Jonathan Eames.  2017 CYO Third Grade Basketball Champions!


St. PIus X: Grace, Alexis, Annelies, Riley, Anna, Ashley, Emme, Reese, Lauren, Claire, Emma, Maeve.  Coaches: Marc McCullagh & Molly Reding.

We Chained Up and Got out of Town

Picture this!  Four Sisters pull out their Les Schwab tire chains, get out the directions and put them on the car for practice in case they need them on the summit of the coast range. Lets step back a few paces and get the full picture.  Sister Colleen Schmitt, Sister Alison Green, Sister Michael Francine and I had planned to go to the beach for Martin Luther King weekend.  A nice four day relaxing weekend to play cards, and celebrate Sister Michael Francine’s birthday on the 16th.

One of the Sisters passed away and the vigil and funeral were scheduled for two of the days of the vacation cutting it in half.  The ice and snow predictions were coming in full force and by 2:00 on Wednesday the 11th it was snowing hard and 6″ had dropped.  I paged the Sisters and asked them to meet me in the parlor where we talked about making the trip that afternoon since no one was at the beach house, and stay till Sunday afternoon which would give us 5 days at the beach!!!  Everyone was in.  We packed our bags and met at the car in an hour.

When we got back to the car, we got out the chains and practiced putting them on. Seemed like a good idea to make sure we could get them on easily and that they fit the car.  The Sisters were the dream team of chain gangs!  They got them on and the hard part was tightening them up.  We got it done, drove a short distance and tightened them again.  We were good to go.  Les Schwab puts out some good tire chains by the way!

We took the chains off and drove out to Murray Blvd., which was mostly open pavement. Our question was what would it be like on the Coast Summit?   If we needed the chains, we were in good hands!   We got past the memorial Tunnel and that was about where the snow and packed ice began.  As things got slippy we switched into 4 wheel drive and said the Rosary. Thanks be to God,  we made it fine!  We drove slowly, no one was on the road but us….good time to travel…and for about 10 to 15 miles were were in snow and ice conditions.

A ways beyond Camp 18 we ran out of snow and ice and had a glorious 5 days at Cannon Beach.  With two teachers in the group, we celebrated Wednesday, Thursday and Friday as news arrived that school was called for the following days.

Meanwhile, back in town…


Kate MacNaughton from Valley Catholic Jumps 5 feet to Claim CYO Title

Kate MacNaughton can jump and run and she proved it at the 2015 CYO Meet of Champions taking home two gold medals, one in the high jump and one in the 4 x 400 meter run.  MacNaughton went for the record as the crowd looked on but it wasn’t to be.  A great athlete with a super personality.  Thank you, Kate, for your participation in CYO!

CHAMPION: Kate MacNaughton (Valley Catholic) 5′

2nd: Zoe Zurasky (Our Lady of the Lake) 4’11”

3rd: Lindsay Drango (Our Lady of the Lake) 4’8″

4th: Gabriela Sears (West Hills Christian) 4’8″

5th: Jerrica Pachl (Pacific Crest Academy) 4’6″

6th: Izabella Klosterman (Madeleine) 4’5″

7th: Amelia Zimmerrman (St. Pius X) 4’3″

8th: Zoey McCracken (Pacific Crest Academy) 4’1″

Kate MacNaughton wins the 2015 CYO Meet of Champions High Jump event

Kate MacNaughton wins the 2015 CYO Meet of Champions High Jump event

2015 High Jump Winners CYO Meet of Champions Cadet Girls

2015 High Jump Winners CYO Meet of Champions Cadet Girls

7 Boys CYO City BXB Championship Valley Catholic vs St. Pius X

7th Grade Boys City Championship

Home: St. Pius X

Away: Valley Catholic

Q1:      7 – 5 St. Pius X

Q2:      19 – 18 St. Pius X

Q3:      26 – 29 Valley Catholic

Q4:      38 – 35 St. Pius X FINAL


Two well matched teams excellent defensive skills. Game differential was not more than 5 points most of the game. A fun game to watch from beginning to end where the score was tied 33 to 33 until the last 30 seconds when St. Pius scored 2. Valley Catholic answered with their own two points and with 19 seconds left, St. Pius called a timeout. St. Pius scored with 7 seconds left and Valley could not answer at their end of the court. Great game by both teams.

St. Pius X wins the CYO City BXB Championship for 7th Grade Boys 2015

St. Pius X wins the CYO City BXB Championship for 7th Grade Boys 2015

Valley Catholis wins second place in the CYO City BXB Championship for 7th Grade Boys 2015

Valley Catholis wins second place in the CYO City BXB Championship for 7th Grade Boys 2015