CYO 6 Boys BXB Champs St. Joseph (Vancouver)

March 3, 2019

CYO City Basketball Championships

Home Team: St. Joseph (Vancouver)

Coach(s): Scott George, Maria George

Player first names: Brady, Treynor, Ricardo, John, Michael, Joseph, Tyler, Zack

Visiting Team: All Saints

Coaches: Ron Depalma, Jon Spoelstra

Players: Emmett, Ryan, Lucas, Lou, Samson, Garrett, Alonzo, Aidam, Zach, Peter


Q1: 9-8 – St. Joseph

Q2: 16 – 18 St. Joseph

Q3: 29 – 26 St. Joseph

Q4: 39 – 36 St. Joseph

Game Highlights:

  • A tight, evenly balanced contest between two great teams with similar skills and coaching. With 1:20 left in the game St. Josephs #23 sunk two free throws to tie the game at 34 apiece.  With 19 seconds left in the game, All Saints had possession and called a timeout to strategize their final play.  The play did not materialize and St. Joseph’s got the ball with 1.5 seconds and called for a time out. A perfectly executed “close” shot almost won the game for St. Joseph but instead it went into a two-minute overtime.
  • St. Joseph grabbed the tip and carefully worked the ball around but it was lost in a tie up and possession went to All Saints.  Alonzo Metz attempted a score, missed and rebound to St. Josephs with 1:25 remaining on the clock.  All Saints fouled St. Joseph on the inbound.  St. Joseph’s #10 sunk a shot from near the free throw line to go ahead by 2. Depalma tried twice to score on two close shots.  Ryan Davis was fouled and sunk two points for All Saints.  
  • St. Joseph regained the ball with 35 seconds left, worked the ball around and #4 sunk a three pointer.  Ryan Davis was again fouled and missed his one on one.  Ball went out of bounds on All Saints and time out was called with 6 seconds remaining 39 – 36 St. Joseph.
  • All Saints made-an-attempt at a long shot but fell short today.  A great game by both teams.

FINAL: St. Joseph 39 – 36

CYO 8th Grade Boys Basketball Championships

March 11, 2018

CYO City Basketball Championships

Home Team: St. Joseph (Vancouver)

Coach(s): Luke George, Scott George

Player first names: Joseph, Nicholas, Brandon, Noah, Jacob, Owen, Aiden, Jacob


Visiting Team: Christ the King (Milwaukie)

Coaches: Mike Peterson, TR Riehl

Players: Akhil, Jonathan, Cade, Riley, Tyler, Forrest, Brandon, Tyler, Thienan, Jacob




Q2: 26 – 17 St. Joseph

Q3: 34 – 25 St. Joseph

Q4: 42 – 30 St. Joseph

Game Highlights:

  • Joseph jumped out to an early lead leading by double score
  • Christ the King dug a hole in the first half and ended up 26 – 17
  • Christ the King worked to dig out of the hole early in the second half and answered St. Joseph shot for shot.
  • By the end of the third quarter, it was a 9 point deficit.
  • With just under 5 minutes, Christ the King came within 4 before two shots at the charity line gave St. Josephs another 2 point cushion.
  • With 1 minute left in the game, St. Joseph by 8 points and shooting free throws…Score, Miss now by 9
  • After a few more charity shots during the end of game foul the leader, St. Joseph ended up on top.

FINAL: St. Joseph 42 – 30