CYO 8 Girls City BXB Champs St. John Fisher

March 10, 2019

CYO City Basketball Championships

Home Team: All Saints

Coach(s): Jim MacCallum, Ron DePalma

Player first names: Olivia, Ava, Murenda, Shannon, Mackenzie, Abigail, Sarah, Molly, Corinne

Visiting Team: St. John Fisher

Coaches: Scott Olsen, D’Ambrosia, Hawthorne, Wittman

Players: Reese, Catie, Addison, Isabella, Morgan, Lily, Isabel, Rosali, Allie, Cayton, Grace


Q1: 5-11 St. John Fisher

Q2: 16 – 16

Q3: 27 – 20 All Saints

Q4: 38 – 39 St. John Fisher

Game Highlights:

  • With 2:41 left in the second quarter, All Saints tied the score 16 – 16.
  • After trailing most of the third quarter, St. John Fisher brings it within one in the final quarter with 3:53 left to play.
  • With 26 seconds left in the game, St. John Fisher’s Lilly tied the game at 36-36 with a swisher from 12’ out.  Lilly fouled out shortly after giving All Saints’ Shannon two charity tries with 1.6 seconds left on the clock.  She missed both shots taking the game into a 2:00 overtime.
  • All Saints 32, Shannon, got the tip, took a shot, missed it, followed up and scored 2.
  • St. John Fisher lost the ball on their possession to a travel but rebounded from All Saints failing to score.  All Saints turned the ball over to St. John fisher with 50 seconds left. St. John Fisher’s Cayton sunk a 3 pointer to go ahead by one with 28 seconds on the clock!
  • With 5.3 seconds on the clock, the ball went to St. John Fisher.  The Cardinals were able to hold off All Saints for 5 seconds to win the game.  
  • One of the best games in the tournament, both teams kept it very close and exciting.
  • CYO wishes the young women the very best as they move on to high school next year!

FINAL:  38 – 39 St. John Fisher

CYO BXB 4 Boys City Champs Valley Catholic

February 24, 2019

CYO City Basketball Championships

Home Team: Valley Catholic

Coach(s): Chris Boudreaux, Joel Frank

Player first names: Aarush, Jack, George, Garrett, Pavley, Cruz, Kaiyan, Adrian, George, Jacob

Visiting Team: St. John Fisher

Coaches: Joe Connell, Patrick Proctor, Ben Rasmussen

Players: Logan, Isaac, Gabriel, Miles, Nolan, Spencer, Connor, Mattias, Oliver, Casen, Max


Q1: 11-4 Valley Catholic

Q2: 19 – 11 Valley Catholic

Q3:  24 – 13 Valley Catholic

Q4: 32 – 21 Valley Catholic

Game Highlights:

  • A very quick paced game with Valley Catholic hitting their shots and St. John Fisher having a hard time getting the ball to go down.  Both teams will be fun to watch in the future.

FINAL: Valley Catholic 32 – 21

CYO 7th Grade Girls Championship All Saints vs St. John Fisher…

March 11, 2018 BEAVERTON, OR

7th Grade Girls CYO City Basketball Championships

Home Team: St. John Fisher (White)

Coach(s): Jason D’Ambrosio, Jason Hawthorne, Scott Olsen

Player first names: Reese, Catie, Addison, Isabella, Morgan, Isabel, Rosali, Alexandra, Cayton, Grace


1 All Saints 7th Grade Girls

Visiting Team: All Saints (Green

Coaches: Ron DePalma, James MacCallum

Players: Olivia, Chloe, Ava, Shannon, Charlotte, Mackenzie, Abigail, Sarah, Molly, Corinne

2 St. John Fisher 7th Grade Girls


Q1: 8-6 All Saints

Q2: 18 – 7 All Saints

Q3: 24 – 11 All Saints

Q4: 30 – 21 All Saints

Game Highlights:

  • All Saints slowly and patiently set up the ball on most possessions and moved it around until they had a shot.
  • All Saints had the height advantage and followed up on their missed shots for conversions.
  • John Fisher was the quicker team with great ball handling skills. They had a hard time penetrating All Saints defense to get inside to the basket.
  • With under three minutes left, St. John Fisher caught on fire and made a comeback.
  • With 44 seconds left in the game, St. John Fisher had closed the gap to 5 points and the pressure was on!
  • All Saints was held scoreless through most of the quarter letting SJF close in.
  • John Fisher could not close the gap but gave All Saints a good run for their money in the last quarter.

FINAL: All Saints 30 – 21


CYO Basketball Championships 3rd Grade Boys St. John Fisher vs St. Pius X

March 4, 2018

3rd Grade Boys City Championship

Visiting Team: St. Pius X (Black)

Coaches: Tony Dabbs, Loren Hotchkiss

Players: Kayden, Andrew, Nicolas, Nathan, William, Cole, Michael, Finbarr, Tyler, Quade, Jackson, Shay, Benjamin






Home Team: St. John Fisher

Coach(s): Joe Connell, (Camp Howard Counselor) Patrick Proctor

Players: Logan, Isaac, Gabriel, Nolan, Ramy, Spencer, Connor, Oliver, Casen, Carter



Q1: 9-7 St. Pius X

Q2: 17 – 9 St. John Fisher

Q3: 25 – 19 St. John Fisher

Q4: 33 – 31 St. Pius X

Game Highlights:

Quarter one both teams came out to quick start and the lead changed a couple of times the quarter ended 7-9 St. Pius X.  The second quarter, St. John Fisher found their pace and with a minute left, led 17 – 9.

With 47 seconds left in the game, St Pius came within 2 points 30 – 28 SJF.  St. Pius stole the ball with under 12 and scored to tie 30 – 30.  The game went into overtime.  The crowd went wild!

SJF scored one on a bonus shot.  St. Pius scored 2 more to take it to 33 – 30 St. Pius X.   SJF scored one more point on a bonus making the score 33 – 31 St. Pius X.

Final: St. Pius X 33 – 31 in a barn burner!

CYO 8th Grade Girls City Championship St. John Fisher vs Holy Family….

March 12, 2017

CYO 8th Grade Girls City BXB Championship

St. John Fisher

Coaches: John Birrell, Kevin Grant, Tracie Napoli

Players: Megan, Molly, Paige, Mari, Lucy, Josie, Anna, Grace

Holy Family

Coaches: William Mildenberger, Greg Koleno

Players: Madeline, Sarah, Madeleine, Margaret, Bridget, Mickey, Molly, Hannah, Solvey

First Quarter:  Both teams came out to a shaky start but it didn’t take St. John Fisher long to rev up te engines with some great shots under the basket and a few long shots by Napoli & Grant.  Holy Family’s Koch had a great rebound and basket to score for the Cardinals as well.  Q1: St. John Fisher 12 – 4

Second Quarter: St. John Fisher controlled the first half of the quarter scoring most of its 6 points lead by Napoli, and Grant.  Holy Family hoisted a comeback with some good ball control and athleticism of Koch with some great down the court and in the hoop efforts. Q2 18 – 12 St. John Fisher

Third Quarter:  Holy Family’s Potestio led off with a three point basket and a free throw following a SJF foul.  SJF answered with a basket and with 6:00 to play SJF 20 – 16.  Potestio drew another foul, sinking both of them to bring HF within 4.  Q3 28 – 18 St. John Fisher

Fourth Quarter:  With three minutes left in the game, each team scored a basket 26 – 20.  Time out was called to save the ball and regroup.  Holy Family came out of the timeout and delivered four fouls in a row to SJF for strategic purposes.  P.Grant went to the line for SJF on the first shooting foul and connected for 2.  Holy Family was fouled at the other end, Napoli picking up her fourth foul, the bucket counted and no conversions.  SJF picked up two more on the other end then spread the offence and played keep away until Menendez was fouled with 1:14 in the game.  No conversion and HF sunk 2 on the next trip.  30 – 24. P. Grant made another trip to the free throw line and missed as H.F.’s Potestio had a chance on the return end.  With 38 seconds, Potestio sunk one, missed one, now within 5.  Menendez went to the free throw line for SJF missed one, made one, 6 point spread again.

Holy Family, could not get the ball into the basket then sent Menendez to the line again, made one, missed one, picked up her own rebound and put it in for another two! Play of the game for sure!  Made the extra shot with 5 seconds left in the game.  Holy Family and St. John Fisher finish up their CYO careers with a game both teams can be proud of!

FINAL: St. John Fisher 35 – 25

1st.2nd Holy Family

Molly Grant from St. John Fisher by Two Tenths of a Second!….. Wowzers

Molly Grant  and Jalynn Gill fought a great race right down to the wire which separated them by two tenths of a second at the CYO Meet of Champions May 17th, 2015 at Jesuit High School.  Both girls came into the championships with seed times less than a second apart.

In my opinion, the 400 meter “dash” which was known as a “run” in my day takes a lot of fortitude and courage to compete in.  These girls make it look easy as they “dash” all the way around the entire track.  It was a great competition all the way around!

CHAMPION: Molly Grant (St. John Fisher) 1:04.64

2nd: Jalynn Gill (St. Matthew) 1:04.87

3rd: Makenzie Greenslade (Franciscan Mntessori Earth School) 1:06.23

4th: Lillian Janasik (St. PIus X) 1:06.84

5th: Kenzie Miller (Our Lady of the Lake) 108.00

6th: Tagaen Kelsey (St. Andrew Nativity) 1:09.64

7th: Maggie Ryan (Cathedral) 1:09.79

8th: Natalie Fagen (West Hills Christian) 1:14.72

Molly Grant from St. John Fisher School wins the 400 Meter Relay at the CYO Meet of Champions May 17, 2015

Molly Grant from St. John Fisher School wins the 400 Meter Relay at the CYO Meet of Champions May 17, 2015

Cub Girl winners of the 400 Meter Dash at the CYO Meet of Champions May 2015

Cub Girl winners of the 400 Meter Dash at the CYO Meet of Champions May 2015

8th Grade Boys Archbishop Howard vs St. John Fisher CYO City BXB Championship 2015

8th Grade Boys City Championship

Home: Archbishop Howard – Paul Gagnon, Bob Volt

Away: St. John Fisher – Liz Boileau, Molly Daul, Mike Miller, John Boileau

Q1: 15 – 7 St. John Fisher

Q2: 22 – 21 Archbishop Howard

Q3: 30 – 34 St. John Fisher

Q4: 38 – 41 St. John Fisher  FINAL

St. John Fisher wins the CYO 8th Grade Boys City Championship 2015

St. John Fisher wins the CYO 8th Grade Boys City Championship 2015

Archbishop Howard wins second place in the CYO 8th Grade Boys City Championship 2015

Archbishop Howard wins second place in the CYO 8th Grade Boys City Championship 2015


St. John Fisher jumped out to a 12-point lead by the middle of the second quarter. With one minute and 30 seconds left in the first half, Archbishop Howard tied the score at 20 – 20. A back and forth battle ensued throughout the third and fourth quarters. At 2:51 left in the game score tied 38 – 38. In the end, St. John Fisher prevailed 38 – 41. Great game to both teams!

Historic 6X CYO City Championship Overtime 6th Grade Girls St. Pius X vs St. John Fisher

Saturday March 14, 2015

6th Grade Girls City Championship

Home: St. John Fisher (White) Kevin Grant, Tracie Napoli

Away: St. Pius X (Black) John Naro & Olyz Kurkoski

Q1:      8 – 2 St. John Fisher

Q2:      14 – 11 St. John Fisher

Q3:      24 – 19 St. John Fisher

Q4:      35 – 33 St. PIus X FINAL


St. John Fisher going for their fourth championship in a row. St. Pius X trailed the entire game going ahead by three in the fourth quarter following a three point shot by Mackenzie Naro. St. John Fisher answered with a three pointer of their own, to go ahead by one! Josie Napoli (SJF) fouled out with three minutes left in the game. Lucy Menendez went out of the game after a slight collision resulting in a foul and free throws for St. Pius X. St. Pius X leads at 29-31 with 2:06 left in the game. With 5.2 seconds left in the game, Lola Talalemotu ties the game at 31 with a clutch shot under the basket!


32 for Pius 2

Twin for SJF 2

44 Pius fouls out!

11.9 seconds time out Pius X

St. Pius X inbounds sets up for a 2 pointer and misses



6.9 seconds left St. Pius takes out the ball and misses


Both teams had a chance and missed!!!


SJF wins the jump ball and moves the ball around the court and commits a double dribble

St. Pius misses their shot then SJF losses the ball out of bounds

9.4 seconds left


SJF wins the jump and commits another double dribble.

Foul against SJF with 33 shooting for Pius X

Sinks One

Sinks Two


SJF has the ball 35 seconds and a time out!

St. Pius X 35 – 33



St. John Fisher vs Holy Redeemer for Third Place in the CYO City Tournament

6th Grade Boys Third and Fifth Place City

Home: St. John Fisher – Matt Osborn

Away: Holy Redeemer – Terrence Lawrence-Robertson

Q1:      11 – 8 (St. John Fisher)

Q2:      Sorry!  I missed it!

Q3:      40 – 25 (St. John Fisher)

Q4:      50 – 46 (St. John Fisher) FINAL


Two talented teams St. John Fisher off to an early lead with a margin of 15 points in the third quarter, Holy Redeemer fought back to come within 4 at the final buzzer 50 – 46.

6B1SJF Team Matt Osborne

Holy Redeemer 6th grade boys win 5th in the CYO City Basketball Championship 2015 at Valley Catholic High School

Holy Redeemer 6th grade boys win 5th in the CYO City Basketball Championship 2015 at Valley Catholic High School.