CYO BXB 4 Girls City Champs Valley Catholic

February 24, 2019

CYO City Basketball Championships

Home Team: St. Agatha

Coach(s): Jason Manson, Julie Manson, Jim Martin

Player first names: Suydney, Edie, Samantha, Regan, Ella, Abby, Finley, Sofie, Addison

Visiting Team: Valley Catholic

Coaches: Frank McKeen, Andrea Chakrapani

Players: Hannah, Leah, Tia, Meghan, Malia, Grace, Stephanie, Maanya, Sophia, Natalie


Q1: 4-4 Tied

Q2: 10 – 9 Valley Catholic

Q3: 25 – 11 Valley Catholic

Q4: 27 – 17 Valley Catholic

Highlights:Well played game, the girls fought hard and well. Great CYO spirit!

FINAL: Valley Catholic 27 – 17

Christ the King Wins CYO 5th Grade Volleyball Crown

November 18, 2018 – Fifth Grade Girls Spike Championships Portland, OR

ABOVE: Home Team: St.Agatha (Red), Coach: DanaMcElligott, Danielle Ruhnke, Players: Mia,Maya, Ava, Amara, Serafina, Ally, Lucy, Amelia, Payton

BELOW: Visiting Team: Christ the King (Blue), Coach: ValerieHunter, Kristi Maulding, Players: Ava,Addiso, Elizabeth, Sophia, Brooklyn, Abby, Londyn, Kya


Set 1: 25 – 20 St Agatha

Set 2: 25 – 19 Christ the King

Set 3: 15 – 13 Christ the King

Game Highlights:

FINAL: Christ the KIng

CYO Basketball Championship 3rd Grade Girls Valley Catholic vs St. Agatha…

March 4, 2018

3rd Grade Girls City Championship

IMG_7946Home Team: Valley Catholic

Coach(s): Andrea Chakrapani / Frank McKeen

Player first names: Adriana, Hannah, Leah, Tia, Cameron, Malia, Grace, Stephanie, Maanya, Natalie



Visiting Team: St. Agatha (Red)

Coaches: Jason Manson, Julie Manson

Players: Sydney, Charlotte, Samantha, Regan, Ella, Abigail, Isla, Finley, Sofie, Addison


Q1: 2-2

Q2: 11 – 4 Valley Catholic

Q3: 13 – 8 Valley Catholic

Q4: 17 – 12 Valley Catholic

Game Highlights:

After the end of the second quarter, Valley Catholic had a run of 7 points ending the quarter 11-4.  Both teams had a high scoring fourth quarter with four points per team.

FINAL:17 – 12 Valley Catholic

Holy Family vs St. Agatha 8th Grade Girls CYO BXB for third and fifth in City 2015

8th Grade Girls third and fifth place CYO BXB City

Home: St. Agatha – Coaches: Kelli Sullivan, Shannon Ellison

Away: Holy Family – Coaches: Alan Young, Kevin Ramsey

Q1:      10 – 8   St. Agatha

Q2:      19 – 12 St. Agatha

Q3:      23 – 23 Tied at third quarter!

Q4:      30 – 28 St. Agatha FINAL


St. Agatha led the first three quarters by a small margin. Holy Family stayed close and tied the third quarter with less than a minute to play. As in most games, the fourth quarter was the game, both teams inspired by the final 8 minutes of play. The lead changed a few times before St. Agatha went ahead by three with 1 minute left to play. Holy Family had several opportunities to reclaim the lead including several free throws in the last 45 seconds but missed three of four. St. Agatha won 30 – 28.

St. Agatha 8th Grade Girls win third in CYO BXB City Tournament

St. Agatha 8th Grade Girls win third in CYO BXB City Tournament

Holy Family 8th Grade Girls win fifth place in CYO City BXB Championship 2015

Holy Family 8th Grade Girls win fifth place in CYO City BXB Championship 2015