Kyeese Hollands Breaks 28-Year-Old Record in CYO Cub Girls Shot put Scoring for St. Andrew Nativity School

Kyeese Hollands thrilled the crowd May 21 at the CYO Meet of Champions when she broke the longest standing record (the shot put) on the CYO books and was nationally ranked in her age group.  The CYO Shot Put record was 28 years old!   #sistersblog #cyocamphoward

Kyeese Hollands

  1. Kyeese Hollands, St. Andrew Nativity School, 38’11.50”
  2. Olivia Maulding, Christ the King, 26’5.50”
  3. Maggie Crimmins, St. Clare, 26’4.75”
  4. Danika DeLaczay, Franciscan Montessori Earth School, 25’11.50”
  5. Madeleine Dutt, West Hills Christian, 25’1”
  6. Alondra Salinas-Villafue, St. Andrew Nativity School, 24’11”
  7. Caitlin Thomas, St. Pius X, 24’2.25”
  8. Paige Hampton, West Hills Christian, 23’8.50”


Kyeese Hollands Sets Record and Wins Gold for St. Andrew Nativity in Turbo Javelin

Kyeese Hollands set a new CYO Record in the Cub Girls Turbo Javelin with a toss of 101’10”.  Her season best performance of 103’5” will not go into the record books as pre-championship marks to not qualify for records.  It will, however be remembered here!  Harumi Yato, second place, also had a stunning improvement from 65’ in pre-championship to 83’ at the Meet of Champions.  CYO congratulates all of the performers in the Cub Girls turbo javelin at the 2017 CYO Meet of Champions. #sistersblog #cyocamphoward


  1. Kyeese Hollands, St. Andrew Nativity, 101-10
  2. Harumi Yato, St. John Fisher, 83-09
  3. Stephanie Peterson, St. Pius X, 78-11
  4. Karen Walker, Madeleine, 78-04
  5. Audrey Hudspeth, Holy Family, 74-04
  6. Kate Peters, St. Anthony, 73-03
  7. Maggie Crimmins, St. Clare, 72-08
  8. Audrey Meet, West Hills Christian, 71-00