Champions of Faith Dinner 2012 — Check this out!

Check out our Champions of Faith info and get a glimpse of last years event:


We are getting ready to launch our second CYO CHAMPIONS OF FAITH BENEFIT DINNER.  It will be held October 2nd at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland.  I am still amazed at our first dinner and what a fun event it was.  Joey Harrington scored a major touchdown for us with a touching and heartfelt talk on his football career.  His connection to CYO, Camp Howard and the Catholic School system made everyone in the room proud.

This years dinner features another outstanding CYO product, Karen Gaffney, who has found herself an esteemed speaker on behalf of Downes Syndrome.  Karen, with the help of her parents, set out to achieve some goals and as a result has accomplished some pretty incredible milestones.  Don’t miss this opportunity to hear her speak at the Champions of Faith Dinner this October.