1500 Meter Run Peters Girls Repeat!

The St. Anthony Sisters, Kate and Ana Peters brought gold home again in the 1500 after winning big in the 3000 on Saturday.  Ana won the cub division (5th & 6th Grade) with a time of 5:00.08 while Kate won the Cadet division (7th & 8th) in 4:51.62!

In Roadrunner action (Grades 3&4) Lyla Taylor (Our Lady of Lourdes Vancouver, WA) snatched a win in a time of 5:45.25 with Maeve O’Scannlain from Cathedral in second with 5:48.40.  Kellen Williams from St. Pius X out paced Peter Dolloff from St. Anthony by a second, 5:21.73 and 5:22.27.  It was a great race!

In Cub Boys competition, Avery Cesar, of St. Pius X, eeked out a victory over 3000 cub star Leo Cook from Our Lady of the Lake by just over a second, 4:54.49 and 4:55.87 respectively.

Cadet Boys action saw West Hills Christian’s John Schuler pick up a second gold as well with a time of 4:28.63, just 12 seconds shy of the record.  Classmate, Caden Hildenbrand came in second, with a time of 4:30.63.

Below: Lyla Taylor, Kellen Williams, Ana Peters, Avery Cesar, Kate Peters, John Schuler


CYO 1500 Roadrunner Girls Champion Juliana Peters from St. Anthony

Juliana Peters absolutely exploded into CYO sports last year as a third grader.  She set a new record in the first championship race she ran (800) in the Roadrunner Regional at Valley Catholic.  We were sort of excited to see what she would do as a fourth grader and she did it again!  Juliana has had two fantastic years in CYO Track & Field.  She will be fun to watch.  Note her time against the Cub boys.  She would have placed second and might have lost the race by 3 seconds. sistersblog# cyocamphoward#

  1. Juliana Peters, St. Anthony, 5:24.83
  2. Emma Bennett, St. Thomas More, 5:40.18
  3. Zarra Weasel, All Saints, 5:49.06
  4. Maya Crimin, Franciscan Montessori Earth School, 5:50.92
  5. Alexis Molloy, The Cathedral School, 5:52.41
  6. Maura O’Scannlain, St. Thomas More, 5:52.73
  7. Ridlee Derry, St. Anthony, 5:53.33
  8. Madiosn Lukasiewicz, St. Pius X, 6:01.10