How HIGH Can You Jump? CYO Meet of Champions

The High Jump is one of my favorite events though I get to see very little of it from where I am perched in the awards stands during the weekend.  I have several favorite events including all of the field events and all of the races!  The records in the high jump do not fall very often.  One year, my nephew was graduating from college (2009) and I needed to go and be with him for the event which mean’t I would miss one day of the Meet of Champions.  I asked that the cadet boys high jump be moved to Sunday that year so I could be there to watch Marcus Yoo break it.  He did break it and it was wonderful to see!

High jump records include Cub girls 1999 by Kristen Zimmill (West Hills Christian jumping 4’10”.  Cub boys 2010 by Matthew Ferguson (St. Anthony) 5’2″.  Cadet Girls 1997 by Kate Paul (St. Cecilia) 5′ 2″ and Cadet boys 2009 by Marcus Yoo, Cathedral at 5′ 11″.

2018 Champions:

Cub Girls: Elizabeth Levick (St. Matthew) 4′ 5″

Cub Boys: Owen Smith (St. John the Apostle) 4’6″

Cadet Girls: Elliott Bush (Cathedral) 4′ 9″

Cadet Boys: Aiden Andrews (Christ the King) 5′ 4″

Below: Elizabeth Levick, Owen Smith, Elliott Bush, Aiden Andrews



The “Javelin Throwers” CYO Meet of Champions

All levels of “Turbo Javelin” competitors have thrown the same device for nearly 20 years.  At the Cadet level of the Javelin, a new product known as the “Finn Flyer” was introduced in 2018.  It is longer, more slender and closer in style to the high school javelin though it is shorter and does not have the sharp point.  New records for this event were established this year for cadets.  The old turbo javelin records will be retained in the archives of the CYO.

Madeline Fey (St. Pius X) holds the Cadet Girls Turbo Javelin record at 136’3″ & Joe Nizich (St. John the Apostle) holds the Cadet boys Turbo Javelin record at 194′ 8″.

Roadrunner Girls: Madilynn Andrews (Christ the King) 86′ 9.50″ RECORD BREAKER The old record was 78′ 9″ set by Lena Childress (Madeleine).

Roadrunner Boys: Vicente Harrison II (Cathedral School) 100′ 3″

Cub Girls: Hayden Williams-Downing (Our Lady of the Lake) 101′ 9.25″

Cub Boys: Jack Benninger (St. John the Apostle) 109′ 9″

Cadet Girls: Elliott Bush (Cathedral School) 110′ 2.5″ RECORD ESTABLISHED 2018 NEW FINN FLYER

Cadet Boys: Jakob Braunstein (Our Lady of Lourdes) 156′ 3.50″ RECORD ESTABLISHED 2018 NEW FINN FLYER .

Below: Madilynn Andrews, Vincente Harrison II, Hayden Williams-Downing, Jack Benninger, Elliott Bush, Jakob Braunstein.