Who Makes the Camp? The Camp Staff!

We were blessed to have several members of the past Camp Howard Staff and a few new members of the staff for 2018, all of whom will be on staff this summer, come and join us for an afternoon of sharing ideas and a walk through the new “Mary’s Lodge” at Camp Howard.  It was a wonderful few hours which included lunch and great conversation.

I know that no matter what we do at the camp, new bikes, zip line, buildings, etc., the single most important element to the campers is the staff members!  Thank you staff for taking time from your Spring vacation to come spend time with us at the camp!  It was greatly appreciated!  It’s going to be a GREAT summer of 2018!


2015 Camp Howard Staff – THANK YOU!

Campers love their counselors and it is important to Summer Program Director, Bill Fogarty, to find young people to work at the camp who will make great memories for the kids.  Bill did another great job of assembling a group of young people to lead the camp through the summer sessions, make great memories for the kids and keep them in safe and fun environments!

Camp Counselors are a special group of people who make a lasting contribution to youth while making great memories for themselves as well.  We are grateful to all of these young men and women for the great job they have done this summer on behalf of CYO and Camp Howard!  THANK YOU!

2015 Camp Howard Staff

2015 Camp Howard Staff