Camille Yutzie Produced Gold for St. Anthony in the Roadrunner Long Jump

Camille Yutzie was short of her best season performance by 4” but she was still the only Roadrunner to consistently jump in the 13’ category beating her closest competitor by 4.5”.  Camille would have placed second in the Roadrunner Boys division and third in the Cub Girls Division.  Good job Camille and all of the Roadrunner Girls Long Jumpers! We are proud of you! #sistersblog #cyocamphoward


  1. Camille Yutzie, St. Anthony, 13’1.50”
  2. Abigail Katsuda, St Anthony, 12’9”
  3. Kennedy Blanton, St. Francis / Visitation, 12’4.5”
  4. Addison Patton, Christ the King, 12’2.25”
  5. Lily Zurasky, Our Lady of the Lake, 11’9”
  6. Maya Bailey, St. Pius X, 11’7.25”
  7. Gabrielle Hill, Christ the King, 11’6.50”
  8. London Wishman, St. Matthew, 11’3.50”
  9. Suzanna Fee, All Saints, 10’9.50”
  10. Nevayah Samuels, Holy Family, 10’4”