CYO 8 Boys BXB Championship

2023 CYO 8th Grade Boys City Championship

Home Team: Holy Redeemer

Coaches: Joseph Hagedorn (Head Coach), Geraldo Mena Jr. (Asst), Senora Thirdgill (Asst)

Players: Zahir, Nicholas, Hendrik, Jonah, Yerosan, Jack, Christian, Finn, Vicente, Calvin, Julian, Christian, Arush, Dominic

Mascot: Wildcats

Visiting Team: Valley Catholic

Coaches: Chris Boudreaux (Head Coach, Joel Frank (Asst.)

Players: Jack, Garrett, Zareh, Pavley, Pretham, Henry, Kaiyan, Jack, Brandon

Mascot: The Valiants

Game Highlights:

The first two quarters of the game were very exciting back and forth action with great play from some top talents in the eighth grade from Holy Redeemer and Valley Catholic.  Unfortunately, Holy Redeemer was plagued by playing time issues and did not get all their players their mandatory playing time even after they were reminded by the CYO Basketball Commission at the beginning of the game and each quarter of the game.  Finally, toward the end of the game the team worked to get all their players their required time and at that point, it was too late for strategy.

Two basic rules of CYO are 1. There is a place for everyone, no one is cut.  2. Everyone plays and in volleyball and basketball there are mandatory playing times.  In basketball, each player is required to play for 8 minutes of the game.  This is a full quarter.  It is possible to get 20 players on a team a full quarter.

Congratulations to Valley Catholic for their win in the 2023 CYO 8th grade boys Championship.

Half Time Score: Valley Catholic 23 – Holy Redeemer 21

Quarter 3: Valley Catholic 35 – Holy Redeemer 34

Quarter 4: Valley Catholic 53 – Holy Redeemer 42

CYO 8th Grade Girls BXB play for the Gold

2023 CYO 8th Grade Girls City Championship at Valley Catholic School

Home Team: Valley Catholic

Coaches Zach Bromert (Head Coach), Frank McKeen (AS), Maggie McKeen (AS)

Players: Hannah, Leah, Meghan, Ruby, Avery, Malia, Louisa, Leah, Grace, Stephanie, Natalie

Mascot: The Valiants

Visiting Team: St. Rose

Coaches: Craig Thomas (Head Coach), Joe Healy (AS), Christopher Brennan (AS)

Players: Delaney, Gabriella, Peyton, Fia, Caitlin, Portland, Kate, Isabella, Regina, Bennett

Mascot: The Hawks

Game Highlights:

Basketball Commissioner, Steve Mueller set the stage as he announced the CYO 8th grade Girls Basketball championship beginning with team names.  He made the calls throughout the game giving the kids a sense of true championship and it was very special for all of the players.

Valley Catholic and St. Rose both had an enthusiastic start playing each other toe to toe in the first quarter. Valley Catholic made some fast break points immediately in the top of the second quarter and outscored St. Rose 12 to 2.

In the second half.  In the third quarter the scoring was balanced for both teams. The Valliant’s outdistanced the Hawks in the fourth quarter with a final score of 44 – 27.

Quarter 1: Valley Catholic 11, St. Rose 9

Quarter 2: Valley Catholic 23, St. Rose 13

Quarter 3: Valley Catholic 32, St. Rose 21

Quarter 4: Valley Catholic 44, St. Rose 27

CYO 6th Grade Girls BXB teams In it to Win it

2023 CYO 6th Grade Girls City Championship at Valley Catholic School

Home Team: St. Anthony

Coaches Charlie Keller, Aubrey Turley

Players: Madeline, Josie, Bridget, Brenna, Kayla, Leighton, Presley, Allison

Mascot:  The Hawks

Visiting Team: St. Ignatius

Coaches: Andy Hryclw, Zach Puent, Adam Kelly

Players: Asha, Jade, Ella, Emma, Lucia, Margaret, Maddie, Amelia

Mascot: The Gators

Game Highlights:

First half, Two feisty, great shooting teams very well matched creating a lot of excitement.  Neither team was afraid to shoot three pointers and they sunk them like pros.

In the second half, St. Anthony overpowered St. Ignatius, widening the gap and St. Ignatius could not make it up.  It was a great game with a lot of intensity.

Quarter 1: St. Ignatius 6 – St. Anthony5

Quarter 2: St. Anthony 12 – St. Ignatius 10

Quarter 3: St. Anthony 19 – St. Ignatius 11

Quarter 4: St. Anthony 35 – St. Ignatius 22

CYO 5th Grade Boys Battle for the City Gold

2023 CYO 5th Grade Boys City Championship at Valley Catholic School

Home Team: St. Pius X

Coaches: J.D. Youngblood Larson (H), Christopher McCollister (AS)

Players: Christopher, Griffin, Easton, Max, Jace, Micah, Nicholas, Jake, Alexander, Jay, Avery

Mascot: Panthers

Visiting Team: St. Clare

Coaches: Steven Lodzinski (H), Michael Humm,(AS) Luke Leahy, (AS)

Players: Oscar, Desmond, River, Keagan, Ritwik, Amos, David, Maddox, Sam, Elliot

Mascot: The Dragons

Game Highlights:

A high scoring game with both teams sinking 3 pointers toward the end of the first half with the score vacillating until St. Pius X drilled the last basket of the half to go ahead by 3.  Amos for St. Clare hit three, three-pointers.

St. Clare broke open in the third quarter behind some three-point shooting including another by Amos to close out the period. St. Clare added 17 points to St. Pius X’s 6.

Both teams performed well in the fourth quarter but St. Clare outscored St. Pius X by one point with thirteen for the quarter.  The game was fun to watch and kept the fans on the edge of their seats!

Quarter 1: St. Clare 17 – St. Pius X 15

Quarter 2: St. Pius X 40 – St. Clare 37

Quarter 3: St. Clare 54 – St. Pius X 46

Quarter 4: St. Clare 67 – St. Pius X 58

CYO 5th grade Girls teams Clash for City Championship

Home Team: St. Pius X

Coaches Chris Philippi (H), Chris Bloomer (AS)

Players: Zoe, Daniston, Sarah, Emma, Sophia, Rose, Emma, Avery, Jordan

Mascot: Panthers

Visiting Team: Valley Catholic

Coaches: Owen Elkins, (H), Robert Birbeck (AS)

Players: Malia, Addison, Daisy, Aubrey, Keely, Samantha, Marshall, Zoey, Samantha

Mascot: The Valiants

Game Highlights:

A lot of back and forth between both teams, learning to execute plays, and other fundamentals. They generated a lot of excitement for their crowds.

Quarter 1: St. Pius X 7 – Valley Catholic 6

Quarter 2: St. Pius X 10 – Valley Catholic 10

Quarter 3: St. Pius X 18 – Valley Catholic 12

Quarter 4: St. Pius X 24 – Valley Catholic 14 – Final

CYO 7th Girls Championships – St. Clare? Holy Redeemer?…

March 12, 2017

7th Grade Girls

St. Clare (White)

(Photo will come)

Coaches: Bethany MacNeur & Barbara Harkins

Players: Maura, Megan, Michelle, Lauren, Lexie, Sophie, Fiona, Gillian, Gia, Makena


Holy Redeemer

(Photo will come)

Coaches: John Farra & Brian Grant

Players: Adriana, Maria, Ilena, Maggie, Megan, Willa, Myelle, Lizeth


FIRST QUARTER: St. Clare jumped out to a 4-0 lead early in the first quarter holding Holy Redeemer scoreless until the final minutes when they evened the score at 4-4.  With .6 of a second remaining on the clock, Holy Redeemer drew a foul.  Final quarter score: Tied 4-4

SECOND QUARTER: Holy Redeemer took control of the game adding two hoops to the score and outpacing St. Clare 8-4.  St. Clare added three buckets in the second quarter but were in the red at the half time buzzer as Holy Redeemer put 13 points on the board. Final second quarter: 17 – 10 Holy Redeemer.

THIRD QUARTER: St. Clare missed to early free throws but came back with a two pointer in the first minute of play to reduce the deficit to 5.  With 5:25 to go, St. Clare had held Holy Redeemer scoreless, going ahead by a point 18-17.  The crowd roared!  Not a team to cower, Holy Redeemer sunk a 3 pointer to go ahead by 2.

FOURTH QUARTER: St. Clare quickly answered with their own two points to tie it up and we were in the midst of a barnburner for sure!  St. Clare added another two with 2:20 in the game to go ahead by 2-22-20!  With 1:11 in the game, Holy Redeemer drew a foul but could not convert.  Last minute helter skelter and long passes contributed to turnovers by both teams.  St. Clare went to the line to shoot 1 and 1 but could not convert.  Holy Redeemer dribbled the floor twice looking for a go ahead score, successful on the second attempt leaving 22.2 on the clock and two points ahead 24 – 22.  St. Clare strategized for the last several seconds of the game for the final basket to tie.  Lauren drew a foul for St. Clare and sunk the first shot.  She missed the second basket and that was all she wrote.

FINAL 24 – 23 Holy Redeemer.

All Saints Girls win CYO 8th Grade BXB Title

All Saints range of talent from Claire Bass, Anna Patterson and Tiana Abraham made it difficult for St. Anthony to make traction in the CYO City Championship game.  St. Anthony, to their credit hung in and even brought the game within 5 points in the second half.  A great game to watch.

FINAL: 46-31 All Saints

8 Girls City 2016 1st All Saints

CYO Club All Saints wins the City Basketball Championship March 13, 2016 for 8th Grade Girls.

8 Girls City 2016 2nd St. Anthony

St. Anthony 8th Grade Girls take second place in the CYO City Basketball Championships 2016

CYO 6 Boys City Championship Nativity vs Valley Catholic

St. Andrew Nativity defeated Valley Catholic twice in regular season play and came out with a quick scoring spurt in the first quarter of the CYO City Championship 6th grade game.  Nativity outscored Valley Catholic 15 – 9 in the first quarter.  In the second quarter, Valley Catholic came back and tied the game 20 – 20 before an end of half run by Nativity finishing the half 30 – 24.

Nativity was quick and able to drive the basket yet Valley Catholic stayed within 5 points through the third quarter through patient set ups and 3 point shooting.  The third quarter ended 41 – 37 Nativity.

The last three minutes of the game was a St. Andrew Nativity runaway.  Valley Catholic could not drop the ball.  The slight height advantage and skill of #30 Dondrae Fair could not be equaled by Valley Catholic, though Valley’s #33, Reynard Wan played a masterful game getting 10+ points for the Valiants with his under the basket power plays.

6 Boys City 2016 1st St. Andrew Nativity

St. Andrew Nativity 6th Grade Boys win the 2016 City Championship game against Valley Catholic March 12, 2016

6 Boys City 2016 2nd Valley Catholic

Valley Catholic 6th Grade boys place second in the 2016 CYO City Basketball Championships March 12 against St. Andrew Nativity.

7 Boys CYO City BXB Championship Valley Catholic vs St. Pius X

7th Grade Boys City Championship

Home: St. Pius X

Away: Valley Catholic

Q1:      7 – 5 St. Pius X

Q2:      19 – 18 St. Pius X

Q3:      26 – 29 Valley Catholic

Q4:      38 – 35 St. Pius X FINAL


Two well matched teams excellent defensive skills. Game differential was not more than 5 points most of the game. A fun game to watch from beginning to end where the score was tied 33 to 33 until the last 30 seconds when St. Pius scored 2. Valley Catholic answered with their own two points and with 19 seconds left, St. Pius called a timeout. St. Pius scored with 7 seconds left and Valley could not answer at their end of the court. Great game by both teams.

St. Pius X wins the CYO City BXB Championship for 7th Grade Boys 2015

St. Pius X wins the CYO City BXB Championship for 7th Grade Boys 2015

Valley Catholis wins second place in the CYO City BXB Championship for 7th Grade Boys 2015

Valley Catholis wins second place in the CYO City BXB Championship for 7th Grade Boys 2015

Historic 6X CYO City Championship Overtime 6th Grade Girls St. Pius X vs St. John Fisher

Saturday March 14, 2015

6th Grade Girls City Championship

Home: St. John Fisher (White) Kevin Grant, Tracie Napoli

Away: St. Pius X (Black) John Naro & Olyz Kurkoski

Q1:      8 – 2 St. John Fisher

Q2:      14 – 11 St. John Fisher

Q3:      24 – 19 St. John Fisher

Q4:      35 – 33 St. PIus X FINAL


St. John Fisher going for their fourth championship in a row. St. Pius X trailed the entire game going ahead by three in the fourth quarter following a three point shot by Mackenzie Naro. St. John Fisher answered with a three pointer of their own, to go ahead by one! Josie Napoli (SJF) fouled out with three minutes left in the game. Lucy Menendez went out of the game after a slight collision resulting in a foul and free throws for St. Pius X. St. Pius X leads at 29-31 with 2:06 left in the game. With 5.2 seconds left in the game, Lola Talalemotu ties the game at 31 with a clutch shot under the basket!


32 for Pius 2

Twin for SJF 2

44 Pius fouls out!

11.9 seconds time out Pius X

St. Pius X inbounds sets up for a 2 pointer and misses



6.9 seconds left St. Pius takes out the ball and misses


Both teams had a chance and missed!!!


SJF wins the jump ball and moves the ball around the court and commits a double dribble

St. Pius misses their shot then SJF losses the ball out of bounds

9.4 seconds left


SJF wins the jump and commits another double dribble.

Foul against SJF with 33 shooting for Pius X

Sinks One

Sinks Two


SJF has the ball 35 seconds and a time out!

St. Pius X 35 – 33