CYO All Star Swim Meet to Cap the 2015 CYO Swim Season

Mark Lee, CYO Director of Swimming, will be working with his outstanding volunteers in the swim program to present the final swim event of the 2014-15 swim season. The All Star Meet is unique in that it gives swimmers the opportunity to swim by gender and grade as opposed to cub (3rd through 5th grade) or cadet (6th through 8th).
The event will take place at the Mt. Hood College pool on Saturday January 31 from 1:00 until 5:30. This year, for the first time, All Star Swim Tee Shirts will be available for purchase by participants.








2 thoughts on “CYO All Star Swim Meet to Cap the 2015 CYO Swim Season

  1. Great job, Sister Krista! Swimming is still one of my favorite fun means to exercise, (though today I wish I had excess to a pool that was convenient)!


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